"Hummel Fest" is an idea of Krisztina Marouf, which was created in cooperation with Slovak institutions as a commemoration of the great composer Johann Nepomuk Hummel whose 240th birthday was celebrated in 2018. Hummel celebrated his success in the world of music during his lifetime and was considered one of the greatest and most popular composers and pianists in Europe. As a respected composer and piano virtuoso he was also honoured by Clementi and Mozart. W. A. Mozart was so enthusiastic about the abilities of the gifted young Hummel that he hosted him in his home and offered him free piano lessons. Hummel was also admired by Ludwig van Beethoven. Hummel's influence can also be seen in early works by Schubert, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Liszt and Schumann. Germany, Slovakia and Austria celebrate the extraordinary Hummel's  personality and talent and the music he gifted to the whole world. One can not mention Hummel without mentioning Weimar and Bratislava. However, Hummel's music and virtuosity is celebrated in the whole world.